Yes, as in jet-lagging – after a few hours of tossing and turning, watching Animal Planet (who knew wolverines were so fascinating???), and even reading National Geographic, all to no avail, I have finally given up trying to persuade my body that it is not in fact mid-day.

I’m sure that fact will catch up with me some time during the midst of this, my first day back at work, at which point I will make a desperate run for the coffee machine and hope for the best. But for now, dammit, I am up, and fully, officially, bloody wonderfully jet-lagged. Grrr.

In a larger sense, I have also been lagging on my blog writing. I know that some people (Peter!) manage to keep writing while they travel, but really it was beyond me to come up with any good turns of phrase in the midst of a smoky Croatian internet cafe playing terrible pop music, especially knowing they were charging us somewhere in the vicinity of a dollar for 10 minutes’ usage. Funny, that.

So instead I will do a few posts on my travels, and especially the things we learned about traveling through Croatia that may come in handy for others. Enjoy…