It’s been a busy week around here.

Last night, Gabe and I celebrated Rosh Hashanah with his family for the first time in two years. As we sat at my sister in law’s beautiful house, surrounded by family, giggling with Gabe’s nieces, eating excellent food, I was immensely content — and it wasn’t just the wine. Holidays just aren’t the same without family.

We also spent last weekend with our nieces, who came down to spend the long weekend with us while their parents had a mini holiday to themselves. We had a tremendous time, exploring tide pools and wandering around town for hours. Nothing like having kids around to make you feel like one yourself.

Today, I did my favorite trail run with my brother, followed by barbecue with my family. Sensing a theme here? I sure am. I think Gabe and I would be content to travel the world for ages if it weren’t for the deep ties we both have to our loved ones. Adventures are all very well and good, but nothing fulfills and contents like family.

In other news, I also found out last weekend that the piece I submitted to the online journal before leaving Portugal has been accepted, and will be published very soon.

And last but not least, to add to our own little family, I think we are adopting a Maine Coon cat next week. Stay tuned for adventures in fuzzy kitty land.

A very good week all around.