Over the weekend, we finally unearthed our new desks from under the piles of boxes that have been sitting on and around them for the past ten days:

As you can see, Gabe was taking his return to work very seriously.

So now the chaos has been contained to the far back room, which has a door that we can shut on it, along with a few miscellaneous boxes of decorations and pictures to be hung up as we get to them. So a year to the day from when we left it last summer, our house is once more fully operational. I like the symmetry of that timing.

With that milestone though, I no longer had any excuses to keep from returning to work. I did just that yesterday, which inevitably turned out to be the warmest day of the Santa Cruz summer so far. Luckily, one reason I love living and working here is the killer break room:

Which makes the whole thing more tolerable, somehow. I don’t mind working under those conditions, not at all.