Most of our spare time these days is taken up with arranging details for our return: switching bills back to our name, stopping our mail redirect, etc. Yesterday was the biggest such moment so far — we arranged for our giant storage box to be delivered back to our house, little less than a month from now. Holy crap.

Even more holy crap was when I logged on to the company website only to find they’d changed hands. Ahhh!!!! I had one moment of “Oh my God, all our worldly possessions are gone,” which was thankfully dispelled when the new site still recognized our account number. Phew.

So much work awaits us on the other side, but for the days that remain to us here in Lisbon, I am torn as to what I should do. Start packing early, and then sit around twiddling my thumbs next week (although somehow it never works out that way?) Make the most of what leisure time remains and just chill out? Work and go to the gym as usual? Or go say goodbye to all our favorite things and places, with maybe some final souvenir shopping to boot?

The last choice we’ve kind of already handled, as my knees are reminding me that we’ve been walking all over town showing our guests our favorite places for the past 3 weeks. Plus we are now down to only one big suitcase and a carry-on each, so weight is now really a priority. So perhaps that last is out. But the rest… hmm. I’m tempted to start packing, but don’t want to be living out of a suitcase for any longer than we absolutely have to. And so the cycle resumes. Perhaps I’ll just read a book instead.

I always get to this point of hurry up and wait before moving or going on a trip, where it’s too soon to start getting ready, too late to really think about doing anything else. Antsy antsy antsy.

At least the weather is cooler — I actually put on socks and a long-sleeve T-shirt last night! Amazing. Hopefully that’ll last as we finish our packing and moving process, although I doubt it…