My dear friend C has gone back to colder climes, and already her absence is making itself felt. I walked into the office/guest room this morning and was greeted with a waft of her perfume, left behind as a reminder of the warmth and friendship she brought to our flat this week. Having her here was bittersweet: one part wonderful, to have a friend here after so long on my own; one part sad, as it made me realize just how lonely I have been. The resulting mixture made me even more eager to return home, in just six short weeks from today.

This week, we also officially passed the one-month marker til our departure from Lisbon. So as we are wandering these sights we’ve seen so many times now — Belem, Sintra, the castle — at the back of my mind, I’m constantly aware that it might well be the last time we do so. Again, bitter and sweet. But mostly sweet, as it’s been great to show our loved ones around, to see things anew through their eyes and discover the wonder of our adopted city all over again. A good reminder to have just before we leave.

Today is a work day, so I can’t write much, but I will leave you with some photos of the past week:

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