What a delight it was after such a long year alone to turn around on the streets of Barrio Alto yesterday and see not only our family but also one of my best friends in the world trailing along after us. It made me so happy to see.

Even more so when a few hours later we were surrounded by (almost) all of our friends here, drinking wine and eating snacks and cookies, chatting as if everyone had known each other for ages. It’s always fun to bring together good people from different parts of your life and see them get along so well.

In particular, Gabe’s brother in law and our friend J had a great time, talking wine and politics and cars and planes late into the night. Ever since we met J, I have wanted him to meet Gabe’s family, as I knew they would get along like a house on fire. And oh, it’s nice to be right.

Today, more of the same. Happy day.