In our absence, spring has come warmly to Portugal. The trees are suddenly in full leaf, the days are warm, the evenings mild. I had imagined lots more of this when we moved here. So far we’ve had a lot more days in the cold, rainy gray category than I’d expected, but I’m hoping we can make up for lost time in the months remaining.

To continue on our photo tour of Israel… here are a bunch from a day trip we took last week down around the Dead Sea, up to Masada, then to Jerusalem. Yes, all in one day. It was a whirlwind tour indeed, and one that involved about as many changes in temperature and clothing as it did locations, since Masada was warmer than Jerusalem by about 10 degrees centigrade. Definitely would’ve been a good day to bring my jacket — which of course I did not do!

Our intrepid friend and guide also served as our very own personal paparazzi, resulting in more photos of us together than I think we’ve taken this entire year. Enjoy. (The first picture in the set is our last name in Hebrew, as seen on a dump truck! Sweet!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.