Well I survived both Israeli Memorial Day and Independence  Day, a back to back nonstop celebration of life, death, and nationhood that is hectic, noisy, emotionally fraught with both tears and laughter, and lots and lots of food. LOTS of food. Even I, who has to eat every two hours or I die, never want to see food ever again. Or at least not for another few hours. We are both totally exhausted, but very happy we were able to be here to experience these two days.

I have many many thoughts and impressions to share, but am simply too drained to formulate them in any coherent fashion. So here are some pictures from last night’s pre-Independence Day wander in search of sustenance, which after more than two hours of walking finally resulted first in “diet” chocolate gelato and then pitas stuffed with various substances, eaten on a bench on the street. Later on, the Independence Day celebrations and fireworks. And then from this afternoon, where people are dancing on the sidewalk and the rooftops.

They take their partying almost as seriously as they do their mourning in this country. Between that and their eating, they certainly don’t do anything half way…!

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