We had a fairly disastrous day yesterday. Our trip to Israel, while starting out ridiculously early, was relatively smooth. However, the lovely volcano exploding in Iceland made it impossible for my mom to get to Paris as planned, so she had to stay in Lisbon while we went on as planned.

Every time we touched down, we spent most of our time in the ground trying to call her and get things straightened out. In all the disruption of our plans and my concern for her, my usual recall for details left me stranded high and dry, and I ended up forgetting two very major things when we left (including the keys to our apartment.)

However, we arrived without incident, my mom was finally able to get in touch with her airline and change her flight, and we had a lovely Italian dinner with Gabe’s friends. Today, a huge breakfast at the hotel, a long walk on the beach that’s right outside, and for lunch, a true Zoe salad, full of Persian cucumbers, tuna, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese, topped with sweet potato chips. Beaches and big salads? Good shopping and even better friends? I may never leave!

Tonight, dinner with more friends… but first:

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