First item of business: further proof of my earlier post. I went into the corner store this morning on my way home from the gym, as I’d forgotten to buy cereal when we were there yesterday. Cereal is a main food group for me, so being completely out of it is a big no-no.

As I was leaving, I bid the owner (who knows me well by now) goodbye and good weekend. She stopped me and asked if it was my mom that had been in the store with me the day before. I said yes, it was, and she said, “Oh, she’s beautiful just like her daughter! How does she like Portugal? Will she come back again?” I thought that was such excellent proof of what I said about the people here before — I can’t imagine a stranger stopping me and telling me that very genuine and heartfelt sentiment at home.

Also, I’m two for two on my published (online anyway) photos this week. The New Yorker posted a photo I took of a Venetian bookstore on its book blog. I’d been meaning to send it in for their 1000 words feature ever since we went in November, but the success of my other photo earlier this week finally motivated me to do so. Woo hoo!