Yesterday was a work day, an unadulterated afternoon of taking care of business. I try not to talk too much about work on here, as I don’t think it’s the appropriate venue to do so. But I will say that the approaching publication date will be my third since starting up as a book publicist, and so far, they have never ceased to be nerve-wracking, thrilling, and generate a huge amount of work in the weeks  beforehand. And I’m not even the author. Go figure. This will be a particularly interesting one, as we’ll be in Israel for the final countdown. I’m guessing a lot of work will be done sitting by the pool with my laptop… riiight.

Speaking of published work though — I submitted my favorite photo from Morocco to a photo competition run by a blog based in Fez, and it got chosen for the week! It will automatically be entered into the larger competition in October. This was the photo I sent in, taken in the Fez medina:

And I thought narrowing my photos down to 100 was tough! I kept coming back to this one though, because for me it embodied many of the juxtapositions I saw in Morocco: ancient and modern, Arabic and French, practical and beautiful, airy lightness surrounded by slightly darker edges… it doesn’t have the color of some of my other shots, but it does have symbolism, which is always good.

My first published photo! Woohoo!