My low energy recovery week continued yesterday, with a chill day of working and reading, interrupted only by lunch on the mirador and a run at the gym. I think Gabe has managed to come down with yet another cold (his third since leaving home in August), but so far with rest and exercise, I’ve managed to fight it off. I hope I continue to do so, as what is a few days of stuffiness for Gabe is usually a much worse experience for me. Insh’allah.

For a break in our oh so strenuous day, we made the long trip down the block to our favorite wine bar, where we sat out in their little patio drinking rose as the sun set. I winced as our sweet Brazilian waitress told us that between her two jobs, she was working eight days in a row, and on Saturday had worked all day at her other restaurant before starting work at the wine bar that night. I  love my life, I thought again, I REALLY love my life...

We then wandered down to the ramshackle old theater complex nearby to have dinner at the tipico Portuguese restaurant there. Two of the little restaurants in the complex had been bought out, supposedly because the construction company that’s renovating the biggest theater in the middle didn’t want people wandering in and out while they were working on the building (probably smart, given how ruined it was.)

Luckily there was still one left — for the workers to get lunch — so that was where we ate. We hadn’t been there since we first moved here, when I still found their food to be strange, heavy and fried and very foreign. It was still heavy and fried, but much more familiar now. Plus I could carry on a conversation with the waitress, who was shocked to find that we actually live here. How things change.

Today: more of the same. With sun added. Springtime laziness is a good thing.