This just in: the sun is shining. Yesterday it rained without stopping for more than twelve hours, but this morning I woke to painfully bright blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. Thank God.

I hate to harp on the weather so much — I feel like I’m being true to my British heritage here — but it’s become a topic of very personal importance. Not having a car makes it very difficult to do anything other than just stay at home while it’s raining, especially because the rain here is inevitably heavy and steady, soaking you in an instant. So sunshine promises much better things, both for me and for you, dear readers (all five of you.)

And to top it off, I’m finally feeling better. In fact, I had problems falling asleep last night, as if my body was saying, “No way! All I’ve done for the past week is sleep! Time to play!” Or perhaps I was just over-stimulated by watching the Oscars last night, having recorded them the night before. Scintillating as the hosts’ jokes were, I didn’t think they were worth staying up til 1 AM to watch! Either way, the fact that I could do something other than collapse into bed and pass out at 10:30 PM is a sure sign that I’m feeling better.

So things are definitely looking up. Watch this space for more springtime excitement, coming soon. I promise!