Did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. It was great. I was sluggish and sore from my workout the day before, so lack of movement was for once enjoyable. The weather wasn’t exactly inspiring, either: cloudy and very windy, the precursor to yet another storm that moved in today. It feels like it has rained for the entire month of February. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I can count the number of clear days we had on one hand. Great. Move to southern Europe, they said…

We did take a quick walk in the afternoon, theoretically to see how Gabe’s little helicopter kite would do in the wind. The only time he’d ever been able to successfully fly it was on the beach in Wales with my kite-loving nephew:

But he has never given up trying, to my eternal chagrin. Having grown up with a father that looked like Santa Claus, it takes a lot to really embarrass me, but a husband holding a purple plastic helicopter with a loud, whirring blade comes close:

It gets all kinds of stares, from people young and old, while I just pretend I don’t know him. And yes, I am already preemptively embarrassed for our children. Got that one covered.

Thankfully, Gabe decided that the wind wasn’t steady enough to fly it yesterday, so we wandered off in search of coffee. The narrow alleyways of Barrio Alto acted as highly efficient wind tunnels, and we gusted along with the wind as it turned hanging laundry into lethal whips and plastic bags into flying balloons. The afternoon felt ominously vibrant, crackling with dark storm clouds hanging overhead, promising a downburst at any second.

Exhausted by the tempestuous weather outside, we stopped at a cute little cafe called The Windmill, where they not only sold coffee and fresh baked goods, but also had a full bar and lunch menu. Talk about full service! I was impressed.

Chock full of coffee, milk, and pastry, we started to make our way home. Just as we started down a steep flight of stairs, Gabe held up the chopper to catch a sudden gust of wind. The wind kept picking up, and the blades whirled faster and faster. Gabe tried to get it under control, but suddenly the blade broke off and flew away in two directions, dinging Gabe’s arm and cutting a big hole in his brand new rain coat in the process. We were both rather stunned, as neither of us thought it had been going quite that fast.

Our immediate reactions were telling: Gabe was worried about the kite, and tried to find the other half of the blade, which had flown off to God knows where. I didn’t give a damn about the kite, but was annoyed that the jacket I’d bought him for Christmas was already ruined. Neither of us thought to check his arm until a few minutes later, when he pushed aside the ripped fabric to assess the damage. Luckily there wasn’t much, just a bruise, but I thought it was funny that we both had much more material concerns in the aftermath of the chopper incident.

We figured that was more than enough excitement for one afternoon, and went home to curl up again on the couch, Olympics on the TV, Kindle and computer in hand.

A lazy, stormy day indeed.