Time is going by so fast. Almost every day now, Gabe and I look at each other towards evening and say, “That went by quickly!”

The reason for our alarm is that we’re now past the half way point of our year abroad. We’ve been gone for six months, and we have only five months left to go (since we’ve decided to come back a month earlier to give ourselves more time to move back into our house.) And those five months will be very, very full: family visiting next week and for half of March; traveling for most of April and May; a slew of visitors in June; more travel in July, then home for good. Crazy.

Ironically, since I’m more comfortable here now, that thought makes me sad… and yet my increased comfort level is precisely what makes the days go by faster and faster. When we first arrived, each day seemed to last for years… and now they’re gone in what feels like seconds. I wake up, I eat breakfast, I write, I blink, and then it’s dinner time.

It doesn’t help of course that I keep spending these cold, rainy days entirely inside, working, going to the gym, reading, and planning our upcoming trips. But as demonstrated by Monday’s excursion into the wet woolly wild, the weather is hardly conducive to going out and exploring, either.

So yesterday I embraced the weather as a chance for another recovery day, only leaving the house long enough to go to pilates, pick up some groceries, and at last mail that stupid card. Luckily all of these mundane activities were just that, and went off without a hitch.

I’ve been going to this Wednesday morning pilates class regularly now, as I find it extremely restful. That might sound odd, as it is taught in another language, and between the music and the guy’s accent, I can barely understand what he’s saying. But I base my movements largely on what he’s pantomiming and what the other people are doing, which means that I have to concentrate so completely that it effectively shuts out all other thought. If I get distracted or space out at all, I miss what we’re supposed to be doing, and have to scramble to catch up. Luckily the teacher is very patient and good about correcting each student individually, but that makes it all the more gratifying when I am doing something right and he just walks on by.

For some reason, yesterday’s class left me tired all day, so I stopped working earlier than usual (you know, around 8 PM) and read on the couch til it was time for bed. I then slept like a rock for over 8 hours, and feel much improved on this sunny, bright morning.

I may even leave the house today — you never know.