Since I was still feeling a little fragile yesterday, I decided that spending the day at home was the best way to go. After a week where two significant personal anniversaries bookended four wonderful days spent well outside my comfort zone, the grocery store incident on Tuesday drained what little was left in my poor introverted batteries.

I was confirmed in that belief when even my pilates teacher’s frequent yet mild corrections during class yesterday left me feeling slightly bruised. Right, I said. Time to shut out the world for a while.

This was not a difficult decision to make, as my brief walk between the gym and the post office (where I succeeded in getting not one but two stamps! ha!) proved that the day was not going to improve much past cold and overcast, and would soon deteriorate into very cold and rainy.

So I gratefully came home and locked the door behind me, breathing a huge sigh of relief as I relished in the silence and solitude of our flat. I spent the rest of the day ensconced in the warm cocoon of our office, working, catching up on my reading, and just generally recharging. Sure enough, today I am feeling much better for it — although since it’s still cold and rainy out, I might just take another mental health day while I’m about it.

On the bright side, I know that am only able to feel this bruised because I am finally feeling comfortable enough to let my boundaries down a little. So yes, when setbacks happen, they sting a lot more. But when things are going well, as during our trip to the Algarve, I am also able to enjoy them more fully. And if experiencing the latter means curling up in a ball for a few days here and there, well, so be it.