I had an introverted day yesterday, as I was feeling like “too little jam spread on too much toast” after our weekend away (thanks to Gabe for the inspired LOTR quote there.) So I worked out, I wrote (a lot, as you saw!), I worked (a little), and generally just had a relaxed, restorative day. Given that we’re going home in a week — woohoo! — I don’t imagine I’ll be having too many more of that kind of day in the weeks to come.

We did venture out after dinner last night to revisit the aforementioned largest Christmas tree in Europe, this time in all its lit up nighttime glory. It was a lovely evening, not too cold, and the tree was quite the sight to behold. We didn’t climb the whole hill to see it up close, but stood at the bottom of the sloping Parque Eduardo VII and watched the tree cycle from one color and design to the next, uttering appreciative “oohs” and “ahhs” all the while. It was like a firework display! 

I think those gold shapes on it are actually angels, but it was hard to capture without a tripod. My particular favorite was when it was lit up all in white, which made it look like a giant beacon of light standing on the hillside. So lovely. Even though the more religious and celebratory aspects of Christmas are lost on both of us, it’s definitely a very pretty holiday to look at.

The tree, along with all the other decorations in town, will remain up until January 6, aka Epiphany. In between Christmas and Epiphany lie the twelve days of Christmas, a tradition that the US really doesn’t observe but which appears to be live and well in this corner of Europe. See Ma? I learn new things every day.