Another productive day yesterday, with a trip to the gym in the morning and the afternoon spent working in quiet companionship, both at home and then in a small cafe we’d seen before in a park near our flat.

The cafe was beautiful — glass walls, small tables, and great coffee. We sat there and worked in the late afternoon sunshine, surrounded by huge magnolia and banyan trees, little old ladies walking their sweatered dogs, and an immense trellised cedar tree in the middle of the park that smelled like Christmas when we walked by.

The cafe even gave us small glasses with roasted chestnuts in them, which we’ve seen for sale on the sidewalks but hadn’t yet tried. They were delicious — crunchy and meaty, tasting more like bread than a nut.

We took in the sunset from “our” miradouro, then went home for dinner and a quiet evening. Life is settling into a nice routine here, now that I don’t feel the obligation to get out and explore the city as a tourist, but rather just to live here and experience it as a citizen.