Back to real life here in Lisbon. Yesterday was a nice break — as much a break as a day of working out, laundry, and catching up on news and email can be. Sundays are always dead here, which I’m starting to relish as a mutually agreed upon day of rest. But today is Monday, and the street outside is already busy with people going about their business.

So it’s back to real life, for them and for us… or in our case, back to creating a real life. Between my cold, Gabe’s medical emergency, our anniversary, and our trip, it’s been two and a half weeks since I did any kind of work or study. Since we’ve only been living here for six weeks, that’s a rather large portion of our time here!

Before all this happened, I was trying to establish some kind of routine or habit for myself, finding a place where I can go to work or study, hopefully meeting new people, etc. Now I’m trying to remember where I was in that process, and it’s proving difficult, especially since my mind is already turning to our trip home next month. I’m hoping this won’t be the pattern for our entire year abroad, just hovering here in between having visitors and taking trips elsewhere.

For now though, I’m finally caught up on reading both industry and world news and replying to most of my emails. The fridge is full, the first round of laundry is done and hung up, and now perhaps the decks are clear enough for me to start figuring out what to do next. Perhaps.