Back home after an amazing trip to Venice.

Funny how much this feels like home, too — nothing like going somewhere much more foreign to make the foreign place you’re living seem slightly less so. At least these are the differences I know and am used to, as opposed to the things I’ve never ever seen before. The degrees of foreignness do make a difference, it seems, especially when you have a nice, clean, new flat to come back to, one with all your stuff and conveniences in it. The one in Venice was really quite bare-bones, so it’s wonderful to back in our flat and surrounded by “our” things. It may only be a temporary home, but it’s home nonetheless.

Now I have a lot of catching up to do: blogging, posting photos, laundry, email, etc. I’m kind of overwhelmed by all of it, really, but will start one day at a time. I wrote blog posts every day, but couldn’t post due to our very limited connectivity. What we did have involved standing outside in the cold while waiting for Gabe to find the exact spot where the iPod would actually pick up the internet connection. So forgive me for not posting regular updates.

To avoid inundating you with everything at once, I will separate out the posts and photos by day:

Venice: ArrivalIn which we travel to and arrive in Venice.

Venice: Day 1In which we provision our apartment and explore the city by foot.

Venice: Day 2In which we eat breakfast with an old friend, discover the vaporetti, and see some museums.

Venice: Day 3In which we discover the oldest ghetto in Europe and enjoy the sunshine.

Venice: Day 4In which we explore Murano, see a lot of beautiful glass, then attempt to buy souvenirs.

Venice: DepartureIn which we travel back to Lisbon.