Not much to report on from yesterday, because — shocker — we didn’t do very much! And although it felt a bit strange at first to not be rushing around, seeing and doing things all day, it was great. I went for a run in the morning (my first in Lisbon, and my knees survived the cobblestones!), we ate a late breakfast, and then I cleaned and nested a little bit. Later in the afternoon, we finally made it out to do a big grocery shop, then came home and did laundry while we chilled out and read for a while.

The crowning achievement of the day was when Gabe made our first home-cooked dinner: chicken, rice, and roast veggies from the farmer’s market, including eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, squash, and hot peppers. Oh yum! It was a beautiful and sumptuous feast, the best I’ve had since leaving my mom’s cooking behind in England, and such a relief to be able to cook our own dinner again. We wrapped up the day by finishing a movie we’d started last week and going to bed relatively early, at least compared to the decadent bedtimes of the two previous nights.

In other words, we had a thoroughly normal weekend day, except for the small difference that it was set in Lisbon. I’ve been trying to imagine what routine our lives will settle into as time goes on, and if this was any indication, I’m liking the way things are heading.

This is particularly true as we head into the fall and the weather starts to shift, which always makes me want to curl up and hibernate. Although it’s not exactly cold yet, the heat spell of our first week here seems to have passed, and now it’s blessedly foggy and cool in the mornings. It’s still gorgeous in the afternoons, but now I’m able to wear jeans and a T-shirt instead of sweating through a light tanktop and skirt. After spending most of my life in Santa Cruz or Britain and knowing exactly what each season will bring, it’s strange to be living in a place where I have no idea how the weather will change from one season to the next. People keep threatening that it’ll get much colder, but after surviving a winter in London, well — I will believe it when I see it.

Til then… it’s good to be home.