Our final week in England was spent at a fairly hectic pace, and without much internet connectivity, so I’m a bit behind on the tales of our travels. We left Prestatyn last Monday and made our way down the coast of Wales, driving on some very skinny country roads which have to be seen to be believed (see pictures below). After discovering our hearts in our mouths quite a few times, we stopped for a picnic lunch overlooking over a huge valley, with a white farmhouse perched right in the middle. Well worth the climb, and the heart-stopping curves.

We stopped for the night in Aberaeron, a small town on the coast of Wales, with candy-colored houses and a lovely little harbor. Apparently it was a big tourist destination, for we couldn’t get a B&B room to save our lives, and ended up taking a tiny little room a few minutes’ drive out of town. It was clean though, and comfortable, and Gabe got the singular British B&B experience of eating a huge multi-course breakfast with total strangers at 8 AM. So worth it.

Our trip continued with a drive to St David’s, a town right on the corner of Wales, where we ate a picnic lunch near a beautiful and ruined bishop’s palace. (During our lunch, we saw a tiny car try to ford the stream we were sitting next to, without a great deal of luck!) We crossed over the Severn Bridge later that same day — a bigger contrast to the tiny roads of the day before could not be imagined! — and spent a lovely night in Bristol with some friends of the family.

Wednesday we set out to return to London, via a stop in Avebury, as Gabe needed to fulfill his henge requirement for his British trip. Fulfilled it was, along with our bellies, as we made the traditional stop in the nearby pub to replenish all the energy spent walking around the 1 KM of stones.

Thursday we returned our rental car and headed in to central London, my old haunt, to spend a day there with a good friend of mine from grad school. We didn’t take any pictures there, unfortunately, but rest assured that we had a great time, despite the fact that both my friend and I had colds and were not up to a proper London adventure. Here are the pictures from all the above:

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Saturday we returned to pack our bags yet again and say goodbye to our family, and then yesterday — to Lisbon we went! After so long of anticipating our move here, it was surreal to actually be making the trip, and we kept looking at each other and going, “We did it!” The excitement was diminished by a lengthy line through immigration and the task of wrestling our bags into and out of various vehicles, doors, up stairs, into elevators, etc, so that by the time we reached our temporary accommodation, I was about ready to collapse.

And collapse I did, after finding that we are sharing two bathrooms with five other rooms on our floor, as well as a kitchen equipped with neither coffee maker nor kettle. The exhaustion and strangeness of it all, combined with the language and the sudden onset of culture shock after being comfortably surrounded by family in my second home for a month, contrived to make me a little fragile, so we didn’t venture far last night. We did unpack most of our suitcases though, if only because we could, and luckily there is a lot of closet space to accommodate all our crap:

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But the status of our current accommodation will only serve as reason to find a place sooner! And today we embark on that task. Woohoo! It’s finally here!