We were all feeling slightly more lively today, so we split up into various contingents to explore different parts of the countryside. Gabe, my uncle, and brother went into Oxford to explore the river via punt (a flat-bottomed boat propelled in shallow water by a long pole), while my mom, aunt, and I went into town to restock our rapidly diminishing provisions. Turns out six people go through food quickly.

After the boys returned, Gabe and I took a misguided (literally) walk across the fields — turns out that freshly tilled soil is almost as hard to traverse as sand! At least it was scenic though:


Eventually, we met up with the rest of the family to explore the village fete in the nearby town. Great fun was had by all, as we met the members of the Dark Ages reenactment society; saw many dogs and children of all shapes and sizes; ate iced lollies (aka popsicles) and tasted cheese; watched an egg toss; and for the grand finale, some of us (OK, Gabe) participated in the tug of war. There was a massive rugby player guy at the end of Gabe’s line, who pretty much tipped the scales for whichever team he happened to be on:


(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)


Dinner: fish and chips, made fresh in the smallest, cleanest chippy shop imaginable. Life is good in the Cotswolds.