… people will be Tweeting about it, even up to the very moment of their destruction. My husband sent me an article yesterday about How to Know Everything, All the Time. (Now why would he think that I wanted to Know Everything, All the Time? I can’t imagine.) It was a very helpful article, as I am always learning more about the various ways of using the internet to gather information. But one part in particular just made me laugh:

When anything important happens, Twitter messages go out instantly. I realized this when I happened to be watching Twitter and an earthquake in Silicon Valley hit. People posted Twitter messages about the quake before the earth even stopped quaking. Breaking news is usually posted on Twitter before any other source in the world.

Wow. Putting Twitter above self-preservation? That really makes me sad. Pretty soon we will be at a point where we can no longer process any real life event without doing it online. Witness this blog post, even — clearly, I am not above the phenomenon myself.

What does this remind me of more than anything? The humans on WALL-E, whose entire worldview was both shaped and expressed by the tiny screens in front of them. Luckily most of us still have enough bone density and muscle mass to allow us to walk around, but really — if people are so entertwined with the virtual world that they have to process natural disasters on Twitter even as they are happening… are we that far off?