A few weeks ago, I posted about how delighted I was to have my lovely laptop back, even though it had no memory of our previous life together. “That’s OK,” I told it, “we can create new memories!”

Laptop and I went through a blissful honeymoon period of reacquaintance. I posted on my blog, wrote a paper for my class, but even so, I held back. I had been burnt too badly the time before, and didn’t want to jump right in again. So I didn’t download any of the old files I still have on my previous laptop (thank God I kept that thing!), nor did I put my own picture on the desktop. I was commitment shy, and understandably so.

Turned out I was wise to be wary of my computer’s flickering affections. Last weekend, the screen started flickering again, which is the very same problem that had caused me to take it in to the shop twice before, sacrificing all my precious data in the meantime. Horrors! This time though, I didn’t mess around. We took it straight to Apple for repair, hoping that perhaps they’d just get the hint on the THIRD repair for the SAME problem and just replace the whole damn thing.

But no. I picked it up yesterday, and it was the same computer. OK, no problem, maybe they actually did it right this time. I did get a little nervous when I told the girls working there what my problem had been, and one of them quietly said to the other, “Oh, is this the one?” Um… what? But she said it was nothing, and I waltzed out of that Genius Bar without a care, saying, “Wow that was easy, we should’ve done that in the first place!”

Hurrah! My computer was once again, for the third time this year, restored to me. When I got it back to my parents’ house, I booted it up, and all seemed well. Thank God. Let’s hope it sticks.

Alas, our happy ending was not to be. Last night, when we got home and I blissfully sat down in my usual spot on the couch, relishing our reunion at long last… there was nothing there. But this time I don’t mean the data — I know that was all there from when I turned it on earlier. No, I mean the picture. The screen was totally black! I can barely make out shapes on the screen to see that it is in fact on, but otherwise, nothing. Apparently they fixed the flickering problem simply by ensuring that I can’t see it. Or anything else. Thanks so much guys!

Now I am looking forward to yet another forty-five-minute trip back to Apple, for yet another fix to a problem that should’ve been solved months ago. I swear to God, the amount of emotional turmoil this has put me through is just not worth the effort. I should just give up and go back to using the old laptop that I got when I graduated from college in 2002. I have dropped it multiple times, trekked it all over London and the States, worked on it, sat on it, and yet its only minor issue is that Word has a marked tendency to crash unexpectedly. Yes, that was annoying when I was trying to write my dissertation, but hey, at least I could see it!

What a ridiculous saga. A comedy of errors, if you will. It’s as though my computer and I are trapped in a Shakespearian play — star-crossed lovers, ever doomed to be apart. In other words — ARGH!!!!