As of yesterday, two very good friends of mine are now officially engaged. Huzzah! I am to be a bridesmatron, which will be a great honor, as both of these friends played vital roles in our own wedding. In fact, I’m not really sure what we would’ve done without them, and am glad to have a chance to repay the favor so soon.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all perspective on the madness of the wedding process. So soon! It must be like giving birth — you just have to totally forget the trauma in order to continue living with any dusting of sanity. I’m already thinking, “Well, she should just remember that it’s not the details that matter, but rather the bigger picture of this wonderful day and what it symbolizes…”

Oh, barf! I can’t believe I have regressed so far. I am truly a Smug Married if I can think that way only four months after my own insanity ended. As you may remember, it wasn’t so long ago that I was arguing with my husband-to-be about the merits of chicken vs. beef and having panic attacks over last-minute RSVPs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

And yet, here I am already getting caught up in the details of my role in her wedding. We are hosting the rehearsal dinner at our house, which shortens the schedule for our total garden overhaul by about oh, five years. There is a three-foot-deep concrete pit full of green rainwater just off the kitchen patio, people! Are we really going to have all of my friends’ nearest and dearest sitting right there in about four months’ time???

The answer is, of course, yes we are. And the truth is, through my own wedding experience I know that everyone will have a great time, regardless of what the garden looks like. In fact, they probably won’t even notice any of the details I will have worked so hard to perfect. (As long as they’re not sitting directly IN the aforementioned pit of despair, of course.) But because I love my friend, and because I am so overjoyed that she is marrying one of the most loving, wonderful men I’ve ever met… I want everything to be perfect.