Last night, we spent a thoroughly enjoyable two hours drinking wine, eating cheese, and viewing our completed wedding photos, as shot by a good friend of mine and her new business parter.

A little over a week ago now, this friend of mine left our mutual day job in order to better pursue her burgeoning photography business. And pursue it she has, in a great deal of style. Many would find a decision like hers scary, as I’m sure she has herself at times. But as someone who has spent their life pushing the boundaries of regular employment, I applaud it. Good for you, my friend.

And really, good for us. The photos were breathtaking, and those behind the cameras succeeded in capturing all the magic of our day without ever being obtrusive or bossy. Best of all, both of them had a true appreciation for the day and its beauty, and they both clearly reveled in their art.

In other words, my friend made a great decision, and I cannot wait to see it pan out. This is definitely the start of a fabulous business partnership, and I could not be happier to see a dear friend take such a daring, marvelous leap into the unknown.

(And if anyone needs a recommendation for wedding photographers, you know where to go.)