So apparently I wasn’t the only one to hear that piece on NPR yesterday about the poor waitress not getting a tip from Hillary. It seems to have caused quite the uproar – surprise.

In response, the Clinton campaign hastily sent someone back to the restaurant to give Working Jane a $20 bill, apologizing profusely for not doing so before. (Nice save!) They also provided NPR with their credit card receipts from the day in question, showing that they had written a $100 tip onto the credit card bill for the entire staff to split.

The NPR reporter called Working Jane up again, who said that the credit card tip never reached her, and nothing was ever divided amongst the other staff. In response, the Clinton campaign said well actually, perhaps it was a $100 bill they left. Nice.

So it becomes a case of they-said she-said, with no one the wiser. However, somehow the person who came out looking the worst was the poor reporter, who was chastised on-air for not checking his facts with the campaign before the story was aired. Oooh, snap.

Either way, the damage is done as far as I’m concerned.