So it’s here, at last, the day we’ve been counting down to for the past five months or so: October 28, 2007.

My wedding day.

I am struck anew by the sheer magnitude of it all, especially when combined with the utter mundanity of waking up next to my groom (yes, we did spend the night together before our wedding, deal with it) and eating my breakfast, just like any other day.

Yesterday we saw 50-odd family and friends for the rehearsal barbeque at my parents’ house, which was wonderfully, deliciously overwhelming for an introvert like me. Being in a crowd will always make me nervous, but it helps when everywhere I look is a face I love, and they are all talking to each other and enjoying each others’ company as much as I do.

Of course, it didn’t help that everyone turned their attention full-force on me the instant I walked by, which only served to make me even more nervous. Well, that and the constant refrain of, “How are you holding up? Are you nervous? What do you need? Are you eating?” And then someone physically tried to take my plate out of my hands so that I could better greet guests arriving at that moment… oh hell no. Do not mess with the plate of a hypoglycemic bride.

Today, my little brother will walk me down the aisle to meet my groom, no doubt cracking me up with fart jokes the whole time. And I will laugh, and I will smile, and take deep breaths when I’m alone to remind myself to calm down and enjoy every single overwhelming second of this day, because it will go too fast.

It really does feel like Christmas morning – I know it will be over too soon, but I cannot wait to get started.