… really doesn’t get much better than this.

We are now three days away from the wedding, and according to observers, I seem “way too calm.” Perhaps because I’ve achieved the Zen of wedding – if it isn’t taken care of by now, it’s probably not gonna happen, so why worry? Or perhaps because I’m exercising for an hour a day. Who knows.

Forecast is great for the whole weekend, and in fact we may even run the risk of it being too hot. Who knew? That definitely was the last thing on my mind when buying my dress five months ago!

And, best of all, my little brother is home for good. He is now a civilian… and he is here. Even if nothing goes right from here on out, that alone makes everything better.

Sometimes, life aligns itself in a way that just feels right. Often, you feel like you’ve done nothing to deserve that alignment, and it’s just a product of random fate. But not this time. I have worked very hard to reach this day, both in terms of logistics but also emotionally. I spent a long time wandering, lost in the darkness of my past, hurting myself and those around me while I tried to find my way.

Two long years of therapy and a lot of semi-guided soul searching later, here I am. When I stand next to my husband on Sunday, I will be able to look at him and know that God dammit, I deserve this happiness. When I see my brother standing in the sunshine, resplendent in his new suit (which we have yet to buy), I will know that we have all earned the right to be standing there that day. Yes, there will be a few notable absences, but those will only make our happiness stronger for their memory.

In other words, I am ready. The time is almost here, and I am ready. Let the sun shine.