The problem with processing things through writing publicly is that there’s some things you just don’t want to process publicly. So instead I am silent, I run a lot, I go to therapy, and I think and think until steam comes out of my ears. This is currently the case with some lingering emotional issues, all of which are of course called into stark relief by my impending nuptials.

While I’m in this process, I entertain myself with reading People online. Terrible, I know. But while doing so today, it occurred to me – are these really the individuals we’re encouraging our young girls to look like?

Umm… wow. You are how rich, and yet you still can’t afford to put a smile on your face or not look like a skanky heroin addict? I find that highly doubtful.

Furthermore, as for the second picture, it reminds me of something I read this morning on A Historian’s Craft about the newly rediscovered trend in leggings. At first, I was insulted, because I’ve been known to wear leggings under skirts, oh yes. It’s just comfy, OK? But then I read on, and found that I agreed with the original article cited on the blog. Like many (OK, all) 80s trends, the leggings-as-pants trend can safely be left in that decade.

Which brings me back to my original point. You are rich, and you once made a cute movie about bad girls that I just watched the other day and loved you on. So why now do you need to look trashy? And so expensively done, too?

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Yet another thing to ruminate over while I continue, well, ruminating…