About a month ago (which was the beginning of August, which means – holy crap! – that it’s now the beginning of September!), we very proudly sold our second item of furniture on Craig’s List. We got an inquiry almost right away, and agreed that said individual should come and pick it up the following Friday after work.

No problem, easy peasy, we should do this more often!

Friday rolls around, and we are waiting around the house, putting off our evening’s plans to wait for the new owner of our furniture to arrive. He ends up being about an hour late, which is OK as we never have very exciting plans anyway. His newfound piece of furniture is a big hit, and he hands us a $100 bill without hesitation. Between us we are only able to scrape up about $42 for change, so he ends up overpaying us, again without hesitation.

One hitch: his car is not big enough to transport said item of furniture, even though it’s pretty obvious that when buying something six feet tall and designed to hold books, you might need a truck of some sort. I mean, we’re not talking about a folding chair here, people. But no problem, our buyer promises to return the next day with an SUV to transport his furniture to its new home. Since it’s already outside, we assured him it was no problem to come and get it even if we weren’t here.

The next day rolls around, and as it turned out we were in fact here for most of it. However, our buyer was not. Nor did he come the next day. Nor any day in between then and this very morning.

So here our furniture still sits, just as it did a month ago. His money, of course, including the $8 extra that we gained by being short on cash, was spent rather quickly. (Was it that pair of shoes, or perhaps that purse? I can’t remember.) We have emailed him twice, with no reply. Finally, last night we decided to contact the other two people who asked about our posting and originally got denied.

Somehow, I feel guilty, but I don’t know why. We ended up with the money and our furniture, but completely not on purpose. Now we are reselling it to someone else. I feel like we scammed this guy without even trying!

So please dude, if you’re reading this, come and get your money back. I can’t live with this slight on my conscience any longer!

Some people. Oy.