OK so forget the hairdryer – my definition of “roughing it” descended to new lows this past weekend.

We rolled into the campground fairly late on Friday night, roughly two hours later than planned (due to traffic, a monumental omission on our Google map, and a $30-per-bag trip to the local Raley’s). I was highly apprehensive when I saw the number of people in the campground, as it’s already been established that I do not do well in close proximity to lots of people. Especially when we’re all living in each other’s backyards.

Then, the ranger pulled up to welcome us to Yosemite. She gave us the usual spiel about bears, campfires, and Port-A-Potties.

Wait a second – what the…???

Yes, that’s right. The single most evil, disgusting invention of all time – the portable toilet. In an effort to minimize water usage in the park, apparently the campgrounds had simply padlocked the doors to their flush toilets and showers (although the lights remained on at night, taunting us with the ever-unattainable presence of the Promised Land of cleanliness) and installed big stands of Portas. Good. God. Help. Me.

Needless to say, about 10 seconds after I used one for the first time and discovered that there was also nowhere to wash my hands afterwards, I burst into tears. However, luckily that seemed to be the sum total of my princessdom, as once our camp was set up and I had made oatmeal and coffee over the Coleman stove the next morning, I was happy as a clam.

Flash forward to two days later, and I am just as stinky and happy as the next person. I hadn’t changed in days, or washed with anything more than a facewipe, but I was completely comfortable. I got used to roughing it, and am glad to say that I am already wondering when we can go camping again.

I will admit though that I literally ran to the shower as soon as the door to our house swung open. Civilization may be but a thin veneer separating us from the filthy pit of our own human nature (quite literally, in this case), but I for one embrace that flimsy layer wholeheartedly.