Well, since it seems that I am totally incapable of writing a cheerful post these days…

… I’ll write another depressing one! Yeah!

I was just reading an article in the Times (thanks to Instapundit, as always) about the destruction currently being wreaked in Zimbabwe by Mugabe’s price caps. His genius idea did momentarily ease their rampant inflation, but then it led to a general scarcity because people can’t afford to make or buy anything, including food, clothing, gas, medical supplies, and toilet paper. (This last is such a foreign concept to me, it’s ridiculous. Can I be any more spoiled and Western? Please.)

Just as I read this, the garbage truck passed by outside. The only thing I could think of was that in our garbage and recycling cans, there was probably more food and goods being discarded than was currently available on shelves in Zimbabwe.

Now how depressing is that for an early-morning thought? I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee, and already I’m depressed about my extravagant lifestyle.

Still, it fits in with what seems to be my current theme – perspective. I couldn’t sleep last night for the myriad of thoughts running through my head, that constant barrage of thoughts and things to do that keep us all very preoccupied all the time. But at least there was food in the fridge, a bed in which to lie sleepless, and most importantly – toilet paper.

I am grateful, yes I am.

And on a more cheerful note… just to compensate for the depressing nature of this blog lately… kittens!!! In a pumpkin!

Wait, now that I look closer… even they don’t look that happy! Dangit! Oh well, I tried.