I just read a good friend’s blog (whom I will refer to most sneakily as Pedro), wherein he describes a particularly tragic and beautiful juxtaposition of events that have touched both of our lives this week.

We both came in to work on Monday morning to find that a much-beloved coworker had passed away very suddenly the previous afternoon. Said coworker was only 39 years old, and had both a two-year-old and a three-week-old baby. He had gone in to take a shower prior to taking his little family for a Sunday dinner, and never reemerged. Unlike Pedro, I did not know this man very well, but was shaken nonetheless at the unimaginable cruelty of the situation.

And, on a much more selfish note, my fiance is the same age as this man. I cannot imagine, nor do I care to. Needless to say, this sudden death has shaken us both to the core, as well as touching on wounds still fresh from my recent loss.

But as always, life provides a blessing to offset the agony. Just as the grief surrounding my grandmother’s death was inevitably permeated by the joy of our wedding plans, so this current grief is punctuated by a new life entering the world. Just yesterday afternoon, Pedro drove a mutual friend of ours to her sister’s house to witness the birth of her first nephew. This new child comes into a family full of remembered pain and grief, and I hope that the joy of his existence will go far to ease that burden.

Somehow, even the most incomprehensible of events eventually comes full circle. A new life to ease the pain of one lost. Embracing new family members to heal the wound where one is missing. These gifts do not make our losses any easier to understand, but perhaps as they add up over time, the pain becomes slightly easier for us to bear.