So I haven’t been running much lately, due mostly to the aforementioned clicking in my knee.

Since then, I have been staring longingly at other runners, who with their beautiful, smooth, unbroken stride look like they could go on for miles and miles without a care or a click to be heard. I have been trying not to think of running and the happy times we’ve had together. I have tried other forms of exercise, none of which make me feel the same as when I run.

In other words, I’ve been acting exactly like a scorned lover.

And yesterday, thanks to the miracle of new and well-padded shoes (Asics, if you must know!), we made up. I ran without a click or knee pain for about 45 minutes, and it felt so good that I ran too fast and actually felt sore afterwards. Oh, but it hurt so good. The whole world was created anew, and everything shone with the joy of my newly rediscovered love. Even today, I am basking in the afterglow, rejoicing in the tight, sleek feeling of my leg and abdominal muscles.

I hope my fiance doesn’t get jealous reading this, because if there was any doubt before, I can now say that there is definitively another relationship in my life. It’s been rocky lately, but I think we’ve made it through.

And just because, I’ll give a plug for the shoe that saved our relationship: