After almost eight hours of flying yesterday, including not one but two stops en route (why fly to LA before flying east? why?), we finally made it to Ohio. A few preliminary observations, based on a total of one (1) excursions out of the hotel:

First of all, it’s unclear why this area is referred to as the Midwest. Anyone? I’m sorry, but anywhere that takes THAT long to get to from the West definitely quantifies as East. Plus it reminds me of the East Coast a great deal, especially something about the clouds building up (and up and up) ominously in the sky.

Which brings me to my second point: I feel like a little kid in wonderland with all the brick buildings around here! See, we just don’t have those in them there earthquake country, no sirree. It’s always a shock to me to see this flagrant use of unstable building material. At one point on our drive we witnessed a road being torn up, only to reveal what underneath the asphalt? That’s right – bricks! Ridiculous.

And last but not least, while eating lunch at a nice outdoor table on a not-so-nice noisy street corner, we discovered the genius invention of drive-up restaurants. No, that’s not like a drive-through restaurant – oh no! Here they make it even more convenient to shove fast food in your face.

You drive up, park, someone runs out and hands you a little menu (we had to go and ask, because we couldn’t figure out how people knew what to order). You place your order with said peon, they run back in, and a few minutes later pop back out with food in hand. Once so supplied, you can either drive away with your ill-gotten gains, or you can set up a little tray that rests on your car window and eat it right there in the parking lot! Amazing.

So you see, I’ve been in Ohio for less than 24 hours and already I’m having a whole new cultural experience. Best part of it all is that we are doing the same exact things we would be doing had we not left California. No one else has yet arrived for the wedding we’re attending tomorrow, so instead we are both sitting in the hotel room at our computers, and we have eaten two meals out in a row by ourselves. It’s a nice vacation, but not really the location I would’ve chosen…

Things are due to get a lot busier by tonight, but in the meantime… anyone know anything good to do in Akron, OH???