As a follow-on to the sentiments expressed at the end of the last post… I was (admittedly) just watching some extremely trashy celebrity television to relax at the end of a long day.

I also read on my lunch break – it’s a wicked, wicked vice. Everyone has to have a few.

As usual, I could actually only stomach watching this drivel for all of 3 minutes before switching it from “Hottest Celebrity Feuds” to “Hottest Celebrity Couples.” And in those six minutes before I gave up and switched it to something that might hold my attention (The Bourne Identity, if you must know, or maybe it’s just Matt’s cute little cheeks), I heard not one but two blatant examples of the same kind of inexcusable ignorance discussed in my last post.

One: In discussing the feud between Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osborne, the commentator said the phrase, “There is no detente yet between these two.” Wow! What are the chances that the person saying that or 75% of the people watching it know what that word actually refers to? Even people in my own Master’s program thought detente was a boring topic, and we’re a bunch of history geeks. Now that’s saying something.

Two: The commentator on the other show said that Brad and Angelina’s baby (and I am about to quote here, people, I am not making this shit up) “put Namibia on the map.” No, sorry, I think you’ll find that it’s been on the map for quite some time. Perhaps not within the exact geographical lines in which it falls today, but something closely approximating that form.

OK, wait for it… yes, Namibia has in fact been inhabited by its current occupants since about oh, the fourteenth century. I don’t think Brangelina nor even their ridiculously genetically-blessed child had much to do with that. Nor with the fact that first Germany and then South Africa colonized Namibia and held onto it, even without international recognition, for the entire twentieth century.

Wow. The dumbness just doesn’t quit.