Just noticed on Instapundit that the war funding bill passed last night by a bigger margin than the war itself. However, interestingly enough, he also notes that both Clinton and Obama voted no.

Wait a second – I haven’t been following the non-election very closely, mainly because I find it ridiculous to be running this early. But isn’t Hillary trying her best to defend her choice to vote yes on the war in the first place???

So she started a war, she’s justified her choice to do so, and now she won’t fund the soldiers. Hmm. I can understand a change of heart, especially in this particular case. I don’t blame her, and I admire her for following her changing convictions. But given the recent (slight) shift in my otherwise bleeding political heart, I have to wonder.

Initially, I wholeheartedly agreed with the Democrats’ recent efforts to end the war by messing with the funding bill. But in recent readings of the news and discussions with my significant other, I have started to think that cutting the funding to the troops might not be the best way to end this war.

Especially not when my little brother is about to deploy to Iraq in less than a month’s time. No way, no how.

Personally, I want him to be protected by the most state-of-the-art, expensive, impenetrable armor that has ever existed. And maybe putting him behind a desk in a bunker far, far underground for the entire three months wouldn’t hurt, either. He might turn into Golem, but hey, at least he’d be alive.

This may be very un-Santa Cruz of me to say, and it may take bread from the mouths of little inner-city children somewhere in middle America (doubtful, but one can hope that that’s where the money would go otherwise), but there it is. Funny how your perspective changes when things become personal.

So as for Hillary, well… although I’ve sworn not to start thinking about these things until at least next year, I will keep this in mind. Let it not be said that my brother’s life choices turned me into a conservative, but in this particular case, I can’t quite help it.

(With apologies to the rest of my family on that count.)