So you know that indomitable old lady I wrote about just the other day?

Well, at about 2 AM on the evening of her 85th birthday, she fell down in her bedroom and broke her hip. Now she is in the hospital, recovering from surgery.

Life changes so quickly. One night, you’re eating chocolate cake with your family and sitting on your new birthday bench, which comes complete with sweet, squeak-free (well, almost) rocking action.

The next, you’re in the hospital.

And life changes just as quickly for the rest of us, too. One minute I’m quietly eating breakfast with my dad, thinking that maybe, finally, I can start to enjoy life again. The next, I’m moving my car to make room for the driveway full of firemen and paramedics.

Forgive me, but I just have to whine for a second. Since this is my blog, and no one reads it anyway, I can:

I really wanted this to be a normal, happy summer. By that I mean one NOT spent in hospitals, talking about doctors, cardiologists, or urine color. And definitely not feeling that terrible, constant tightness in my belly and chest. I wanted to go to the beach, laugh, sit in the sun, laugh, maybe do some work in the garden… or maybe not.

Did I mention I wanted to laugh? Or at the very least settle for not crying my heart out on the kitchen floor?

But here we are. After the past year, I feel like I must be the one turning 85 soon. Are you sure it’s only 27???

Use this smiley-face chart to demonstrate how much pain you’re feeling…