Word has it that my name actually means “life” in Greek. It’s from the Bible – that’s what you get when you have biblical scholars for parents.

Funny thing is, I’ve always found that just about anything you can use to describe life itself can be used to describe me. Life is crazy, life is wild, life is a b**tch, life is… well, me.

So this is my life, and this is me. I realize there are plenty of self-serving, narcissistic blogs out there, all of them assuming that they have something valid and worthwhile to say when really they don’t.

So why add another?

I write because I can, and because there are words in my head that need to come out. Having recently decided not to continue down the academic path, I now find myself with a great surplus of words. This can be a problem, with effects ranging from feeling like I’m going to jump out of my skin to just plain running. A lot.

To spare myself (and my significant other) from the effects of this abundance, an outlet must be found. I have kept a journal since I was a teenager (and it is often just as silly and sordid today as it was then!), so perhaps this is just a new, slightly more polished, form of that practice. If anyone besides me reads these words, great, but often just witnessing their physical existence is enough.

Plus, people keep telling me that I should. So here we go. Enjoy.